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Lino Castle Opens the Gates

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Lino who felt very much at home in his castle in Littenheid in the eastern part of Switzerland. More than anything he grew fond of the young patients and did everything in his powers to make sure they returned to health as quickly as possible.

The story behind the new concept for the private clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry in the small town of Littenheid was developed by dan pearlman in close collaboration with patients, therapists and care-providers. From the strategic planning of the child and adolescent clinic and its visual appearance, to the implementation of interior design and furnishings concepts, dan pearlman played the role of strategic partner for Clienia.

A fully-integrated communications concept was created over a period of months for the newly designed building: playful, inviting and something different than clinical grey. Lovingly designed locations for relaxation, interactive elements, warm colours and meeting points welcome the young patients and create an anxiety-free environment. Five characters specially conceived for Clienia correspond to the demands of the individual clinic wards and are designed to provide young residents a feeling of belonging and support. For example, Alfa the White Wolf appears powerful during the day but at night he often feels lonely and can’t sleep. Alfa thus provides a character that kids and adolescents with depression can identify with. Fear of school, ADHS, borderline personalities and traumas are also represented by the guardian protectors of each ward. In this way Clienia conveys with Lino Castle a feeling of security and understanding.

The newly designed spatial and communications concept strongly supports the effectiveness of treatment, making starting therapy easier and increasing its success for the children and adolescents involved as well as their parents. Not least, the concept also allows Clienia to better position itself in the Swiss health care market. Never-before realized in Switzerland, this concept has received a wealth of attention from experts and the media.

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