"New functionalities can also be conveyed through spatial interrelationships."

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COEO - House of good deeds

“Combining beauty with goodness” was the motto for the opening on 19 November 2010 from the house of good deeds in Berlin. The new retail concept is a “pilot project” because it combines products from four different sectors under one roof: In addition to fair trade products and goods produced lovingly in workshops for people with disabilities, there are a generous selection of books and a café on more than 500 square meters which invite everyone to stay.

COEO is a store concept for sustainable consumption, which establishes the issue of corporate social responsibility to the principle of the business. The modern design and the architectural concept of the store divide the spacious retail space in four areas: In good community, Well done, Fair is good, and Good reading. Each of these four areas has its own colour.

Besides the entire retail design, we developed the brand and its values, the brand name, the logo, the corporate design and the office equipment.

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